DH volunteered to take product shots of these “work of art” made by boys with Autism. The Autism Society of the Phils (Los BaƱos Chapter) is within the neighborhood and it’s a pleasant thing to learn about them being productive and creative as well.

They’re pretty excited about the Ad/poster/flyer which will be used in an international bazaar to be held at PICC. Yes, they’re participating and will showcase their products there. I’m really proud of them. I personally don’t know them, but upon seeing their finished projects I am deeply touched and I admire their parents who patiently guide them through life’s challenges.

Be an angel to someone else whenever you can, as a way of thanking God for the help your angel has given you. ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

I'm Tagged (again!)

The Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you: Lee
2. Post the rules on your blog (this is what you are now reading).
3. List 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up!

What’s up for me now? Well, here are 6 random facts:

1. I’m back to biking (with hubby) on weekends (at least 7kms within UPLB)
2. I’m learning how to drive!!! My hubby is indeed a very patient instructor.
3. I still can’t “scrap” due to heavy workloads, but my creativity is still in good use. (LOL)
4. I’m watching Prison Break Season 4 with hubby every Tuesday at CS9;
and Betty La Fea with my youngest DD every night (hehehe)
5. I have to read Twilight Series (ASAP) otherwise my eldest DD will “kill” me.
6. It’s heaven whenever I hear my DS play his classic guitar!

I'm tagging Cors, Timi, Issa, Chix, Ytet, Helga


From my last post, I was “hibernating” for 40 days. This time I “progressed”(????) for additional hundred days making it to 140 days of hibernation, lurking, etc. One thing though, my heart never stops loving.

Anyway, as what I’ve read from Lee’s blog (a fellow scrapper, and a new found friend)

“if it happened yesterday, it's old news. If it happened, two months ago, it's history.”

I guess, this is enough excuse for me not to go over those months I’ve been missing in action. Just find some time to visit LB Scrapaholics’ blog and it will give you a glimpse of what life has been for me in the past several months.

At least for now I was able to post this message and got a new background for my blog courtesy of

Hey, I still exist!!!

Driving Force

Within the last 40 days, I was literally busy with my work and with my family. I seldom scrap, I don't even bother to organize my stuff from the scrapfest. But almost every single day my DD never failed to encourage me to scrap with her plus the "nagging" - "Hello! Were you able to make a layout?" or like this " Come on, let's join this contest!" from my co LB Scrapaholics. They are really my driving forces, they know when to push me! With all these things, I was able to make 7 LOs - 4 of which were entered into online challenges, 2 as output for our June mini EB, 1 made during scrapfest. I'll post the pics later. Not bad after all, isn't it!

Glad to be Back!

Hi Everyone! Its been almost 40 days since I last posted here. I almost forgot my username and my password as well. Same holds true with my webshot account that I needed to request for my new password. Good thing there's no cobwebs here, yet! hehehe

Anyway, to get started, here's my latest LO (I'll post backwards to make things easier for me). I made this a couple of days ago in memory of my late sister - Ate Karen who died of cancer (Lymphoma) at the age of 29 in June 1993. I also entered this to Buzy Bee's Fancy Pants Challenge wherein as a requirement we need to incorporate the word "First" in the title and use FP papers, etc. I'm hesitant at first since I'm remembering my Ate and ironically used the FP PP Celebrate and About a Boy! Kaloka ba? Here's my LO:

Journaling: FIRST and foremost...
She’s my sister …. (by chance!)….
partner –in-crime, loyal roommate, accomplice, best bud, sidekick;
Then she became my friend (by heart!)…
confidant, a shoulder to cry on, mentor, somebody to turn to;
And finally she’s my angel (by fate)… for 15 years now.
When she died of cancer in 1993, I realized…
that life is short, but sweet for certain,
that love leaves a memory no one can steal,
that faith can withstand all pains,
and grief knits hearts in closer bonds than happiness ever can.
Until this day, I draw strength from her, ask for her guidance, and shares joy with her.
She will always be my precious Ate, my dearest Ayen.

I do thank God for she lived and had been a part of me.

Tagged Again!

This time by Yvette and Candy. Here it goes...

Guidelines —

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1. I love to eat eggs - sunny side up, soft boiled, scrambled
2. I exercise only because I have to, not because I want to.
3. I always have a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and a pack of tissue in my bag
4. I'm basically shy (LOL!)
5. I'm makulit as in super kulet!
6. I don't really "explore" much.

Now, I am tagging Cors, Ritz, Helga, Ytet, Tam and Noy


My family and SIL's family went to La Luz in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas on May 12-13 to unwind and bond with each other. The kids (total of 8, aged 2-14) ) aren't only close with each other but real Bestfriends. We really had fun and picture taking almost take a backseat (very ironic for us) because the MARINE SANCTUARY was really beautiful, enchanting and exciting. I actually don't know exactly how to describe it. The kids identified each fish based on the movie "Finding Nemo". You would hear them saying, "Hey, here's Dory! and there's Gill!" We all had a wonderful "under the sea" experience - a memory to last a lifetime. Though I wasn't able to capture it in photos, it is captured in our hearts. Here are some of the pics we had. TFL!


Kung Super mom man ako, ito ay dahil may SUPER INAY ako. Kung anuman ako ngayon, ito ay dahil sa kanya. Tunay na walang katumbas ang halaga ng isang Ina - at totoo rin na kahit na maging gaano man katanda ang yong mga anak, ikaw pa rin ang nanay na patuloy na mag-aaruga sa kanila. Walang katapusang pagmamahal, pag-aalala maging sa mga apo.

SALAMAT po aking Inay- dahil sa inyo, ako ay naging mabuti ring ina. Di man ako mangalahati sa mga nagawa nyo para sa akin at sa aking pamilya alam ko na alam nyo na MAHAL na MAHAL ko kayo.

God Bless us all!

with my siblings

with her Apo/s

Have a Great Day SUPER MOMS

Nanay, Inay, Mommy, Mama, Ma-der, Ma, Mie, Nay - any which way you are called still it's the sweetest word to hear. I'm fondly called 'NAY and Nanay by my kids. One time my kid asked, bakit ba "nanay"? Sa school kasi ako lang tumatawag ng "nanay"! I replied- it makes you UNIQUE!

I made a layout last week for the SK Challenge - "describe yourself".... which made me ponder for hours. Ang hirap pala! Here's what I made and I would like to dedicate this to all the moms i know. Only one characteristic wouldn't apply to all - SCRAPAHOLIC but it can be replaced as CREATIVE - because i believe all mothers are - from tying shoe laces, putting hair accesories, mixing n matching tops and shorts/pants, and putting kids in bed and preparing food!

a FULL TIME mother with no regular time off, works 24/7 and receives the highest salary - pure love!
with TENDER arms that hush my kids to sleep
with SLENDER body but an EXTRA LARGE heart always ready to forgive and understand
with GENTLE breast, once filled with the best milk in town
MOST AUTOMATED "appliance" in our household ( no need to push the buttons, no batteries required)
STRONG enough to bear all the pain
funny, witty, fabulous, cool... in the eyes of my youngest child -(LOL!)
a LOVING wife to hubby
a certified SCRAPAHOLIC whose ultimate stressbusters are pair of scissors, double adhesives, patterned papers and a good pic and finally,
someone who can take the place of all others for the sake of my family.


SK Ultimate Scrapper Challenge

I joined this contest at Scrappinkids together with other LB Scrapaholics with no idea on how the challenges will be conducted. They said, it will run for 3 days (May 2-4). I never thought that there will be more than 1 challenge in every single day. I ranked 5th out of 14 original challengers.

Day 1: Challenge #1: No photos (my weakness), coz I draw my inspiration from the picture, itself.
#2: multi-photo (another weakness) as in 10 photos (in sequence), 12x12 spread
Day 2: #1: mini album - since I made my 1st mini (simply B), I'm a li'l confident this time.
#2: 8 pps, 8 flowers, 8 buttons and the toughest part 8 word title. Whew! my title? LB Scrapaholics: Scrapbooking Beyond Dreams and Passion
#3: scraplifting (i'm not good at this) - my fastest LO ever - 20 mins + 10 mins uploading
#4: Blue/hubby - been carried away doing the LO, and was eliminated being the last to upload.

Honestly, I had fun! I was able to participate inspite of the fact that I'm working on Day 1, and hosting a birthday party for hubby on Day 2. The challenges tested my limits and it brought me out of my comfort zone. Once more, I received that same support from my family and co-LB Scrapaholics. Our motto lives on - one for all and all for one!

Here are my entries: 1 mini album, 6 12x12 in approximately 12 hours of scrapping. (I can't believe I've done it!) I'm also cleaning my mess in between challenges, (LOL!)

Welcome to My Playroom

Issa Tagged me, and it took a while before I was able to respond. This is literally our playroom- with lots of toys, a place to have fun. You're free to make a mess while "playing" provided you'll clean it up afterwards and be sure to return all things back to its proper places. Eating is strictly prohibited.

Take a peek!

Notice that li'l table? It belongs to my youngest daughter-Pia, 6 yo. She "scraps", when I'm scrappin' (mostly 12x12), she suggests which paper/s to use, what color is more appealing, and even make sketches for me. (Sad to note, I'm not good in following sketches). She basically knows my stuff - where to find it and how to use it properly. At least, I know that when I'm gone my scrapbooks will be in good hands and the legacy lives on. I'll soon post her finished LOs.

This time I'm tagging: RITZ, HELGA and YTET

2 weeks = 2 LOs

Been very busy with my job as hubby's assistant, but as I said before, scrappin' will never take a backseat. I'm sharing today my two LOs for the 1st half of April.
This is my entry to Lasting Impression's Cosmo Cricket Challenge. The title is courtesy of Cors.
Journaling: You both have the power to extract happiness from anything and laughin' out loud happens on a daily basis!
(Soy and Pia 2007)
The 2nd one is scraplifted from Pam (IttyBitty Gallery). Issa send me the link to her LO and asked me to make my own version. It was love at first sight (because I'm so fond of flowers) and I can't resist Issa's "request"! But I must say, Pam did it so well that I can't make it as beautiful as hers.

I had fun trying this with my kids. Thanks Gaye, I got the link from your blog.

33 words

Speed test

My eldest daughter (12) and my son (11) are both faster than me. My youngest however, is proud to say that she only has 1 incorrect word. By the way, her speed? well she can type nine (9) words per minute and she's only six years old.

Proud Nanay & Tatay

We neither push nor force our kids to excel in their studies. But we instill in their minds the value of education and the importance of giving their best shot, and maximizing their full potentials. We want them to enjoy school. They study their lessons not on specified time but in their own time, provided they will do whatever need to be done. They can play, surf the net, ym, right after arriving from school (but only for an hour or two) because we believe in the old adage "all work without play, makes you dull"! On Fridays and Saturdays they have unlimited time using the computers, playing with friends, or simply lying in their bed. Comes Sunday afternoon, we are all set for another week of studies and work and a li'l play, too. And look what we've got at the end of schoolyear.... ACADEMIC ACHIEVERS!

Simply B

A Bagful of B for Bea

the cover was made in black and white materials to emphasize the current trend Bea is fond of as a tweener ("emo" )
pink bag chain - for innocence
multicolor edges - signify her colorful life and wonderful being

1. Best Foot Forward (EK Phrase Cafe)
Wondering what you will be when you grow up is something that every child has pondered at one time or another. My answer is simple: whatever you decide to do, i know that you will do it well. Some professions have more glamour than others and some don't pay a lot of money. But if you take pride in your work and commit to doing it right, you will be respected by your peers and you will be a success.

2. Bundle of Joy
cuddles, kisses, hugs, snuggles and love.... that'swhat baby girls are made of!

3. B is for Best
friend - who's always there to listen
playmate - who's happy to be with
schoolmate - to lean on and make learning a joyful journey
keeper of secrets - whom you can trust with all your heart

4. Bad Traits
which you somehow possess ('coz you aren't perfect anyway)... but need not be mentioned because we your family - acccepts you the way you are!

5. Big sister
that your siblings can look up to!

6. Butterfly
that signifies your transformation from baby to tweener.

7. experience BLISS ; BLOOM where you are planted and BELIEVE in yourself.

8. Bea (Random Facts)

lola's girl
consistent honor student
always in solitude
in search of good hair
seldom talks but texts at high speed

9. Best wishes

I made these wishes:

that your life is always full of the people you love
that your dreams are realized to their full potential
that your heart finds its way to your soulmate
that your eyes see all the things you wish to see
that your feet lead you down the right roads
that your hands make the world a better place
that your arms embrace all the world has to offer
that your mind always continue learning.

(author unknown)

This minibook is lovingly dedicated to my daughter Bea, on her graduation day (Elementary, 29 march 2008).

Special THANKS to Issa for taking good pics of the whole album. I gave this to my daughter few hours before grad rites and ask her to leave it at home. During graduation, Issa managed to take pics and presto, I was able to send it as an entry to Rekindled's Challenge.

I'm still here....

Whew! It's been a month since I last posted. I almost forgot my password. It has been a very busy month for me. But inspite of that, scrapbooking didn't take a backseat. It's my ultimate way to de-stress, full body massage runs second only.

Anyway, for the last few weeks I was able to contribute 5 cards to Carmelite's fund raising acivity, 2 10x12 job orders, 1 12x12 for Scrapbytes challenge and a mini album (my 1st) for Rekindled Moments Challenge and at the same time my graduation gift to my eldest child and some simple tokens for their teachers.

Here they are:

My grad pic....almost two decades ago. No heavy make-up, just an eyeliner, baby powder and light lipstick. Sabi ko kasi, black and white naman di na makikita eyeshadow and blush-on, hahaha! If not for the scrapbytes challenge, di ko to magagawan ng LO. Thanks, Scrappinmoms! I used October afternoon papers here which I got from Master Iris' RAK.

BF's Prize

Here's what "My Bestfriend" got from Scrapbukan.... my MM package is still on its way to the Philippines.

Thanks again, Ms. Sahrie!

Loot from Scrapbooks Hawaii

These are the items "The Wave" caught from the sea of Hawaii (via Ayala Alabang)..... Once again, my sincerest thanks to Ms. Marissa for her generosity and also to Ms. Nette of My Little Attic for her warmth in accomodating us to her Attic so that I can carefully choose my bounty. Your kindness and unending support are highly appreciated.

The Real Thing

Like the usual story - nagsa Batman na naman po si Inday. I made my LO for the Webster's Page Challenge of Lasting Impression just last night (around 3 hrs before the deadline). Like what Ria have said, pag nakita mo mga entries sa gallery, mag second thought ka talaga if mag upload ka pa ba. Ang gagaling talaga and you just cant imagine how could they have thought using those PP that way! But anyway, sabi ko nga ang main purpose ko is to scrap any pics that I want and preserve the memories behind it. So I uploaded my entry entitled "Play"! Tulad din ng dati- simple walang masyadong technique. And right after uploading, I sat on my scrap table again and revised my LO. This is what I really wanted it to be....entitled "Tampisaw sa Baha....(with consent!) . It was my hubby who gave the title since the time he took the pic (Sept 2006) but which I wasn't able to scrap. I also considered using "Rated PG or Parental Guidance"! Here is my entry:

and here's the real thing:

After Typhoon "Milenyo" we went around UPLB Campus. We felt so bad when we saw the damages - fallen trees (remember Acacia?), flashfloods running vigorously, broken footbridge, etc. But on the lighter side, my kids had fun seeing the running water along the road - it's clear, cold and inviting! and they asked me.... "Nay pwede ba magbangka bangkaan sa baha? Ang simple ng request di ba? Eh praning kasi ako sa dumi o possible disease they could get from there. But how can I resist a request for an opportunity to have fun and which I have enjoyed many times during my childhood days? So pumayag ang Nanay sa isang kondisyon.... Ako muna! If feel ko okay naman at di makati sa balat - GO GO GO! and our slippers go.... nagbangka bangkaan kami at nagsaya sa pag tampisaw sa baha! Another memory to last a lifetime!

Just got Lucky!!!!

Maybe I was just so lucky that day and (last month, too!)....

Feb 16 - It was Issa who sent me an SMS telling "The Wave" won in SBH's AL Challenge. I was so happy. It's my first ever "spread" and I'm really not that confident yet with stamping ( I almost cried when i failed to do some heat embossing). My hubby immediately offered to drop by at MLA before proceeding to the airport because he knew how much I wanted to attend the EB but instead chose to stay with him on that day. I declined to his offer, and settled for texting Issa and Timi to give some more updates. Mahirap na, baka pag nakita ko goodies sa MLA malimutan ko na kasama ko nga pala si DH or worse magpaiwan ako at di na sya maihatid sa airport. hahaha!

On our way home from the airport, Issa called up and said " Congrats ate Liezl" sabi ko "Hello? kanina pa yan ah!"
"Ate, nanalo ka ulit! Saan? Sa Scrapbukan's Noteworthy Challenge! Whaaaat? "My Bestfriend" took the grand prize.

That time di ko na talaga ma explain feelings ko! I wish hubby was beside me! He's always been the first to know! Tapos ayun sunud-sunod na SMS from the rest of LB girls - blowout daw kasi I won P1500 and P2000 worth of goodies + MM package in just one day. Well, sabagay, nabubusog talaga kami sa papel, buttons,flowers, rub-ons, inkpads etc etc. hehehe

Thank you Ms. Marisa of Scrapbooks Hawaii and Ms. Sahrie of Scrapbukan for your generosity, for your unending support to the Pinay Scrappers and for giving us the chance to take part in the challenges.

Small but....

Just finished my cards as entries to MLA Card Challenge using one KI Lace Cardstock only. I never thought it would be that hard! The cards are small so I said it would be easy and won't take much time to do. For several times I sat on my scrap table, started working on it then stand and left it undone. Naku! naluma si Batman! di kinaya ng powers ko. Halos nawalan na ko ng pag-asa na matatapos ko pa. But the interest, the urge and the "challenge' were all there. I admire the MDs (Chix and Ritz) kasi nung pinakita nila sa akin mga entries nila ang gaganda, very intricate ang designs at parang ang dali lang gawin. So I waited for the right time, yung totally relax ako at wala ni katiting na pressure to finish them. And here they are.... small, simple but made with my heart in it.

I used metallic water colors and MM scrapbook shimmer in birthday and thank you cards respectively. For The V-card I just put some blings and add the ATB brads (love) mounted on a metal plate. TFL!

Feel the Love

It's really the month of love as in " I'm head over heels! " I've been scrappin' (one of the things I love most) since day 1 and from my last post I was able to make my entries to some challenges. Joining challenges make me scrap better, give me chance to try something else and at the same time lessen my "backlogs"! I basically scrap only the pictures that has memorable stories behind it. If nothing fits or If I think it will only stress me instead of making me happy and will consume much of my spare time, I automatically drop the idea of joining. I always prefer to scrap at my heart's delight! Here are my entries to scrapbookshawaii's autumn leaves challenge and scrapbukan's noteworthy challenge:

Soy and Pia never had a dull moment. Both of them find joy in all they do no matter how simple or complicated it could be. As I watch them play, giggle and laugh I wish that they continuously enjoy each other's company through the years.

If you love someone...set her free! Easier
said than done, right?
She's my first born, and now at her pre-teen's stage
there's a lot more things to learn for both of us.
her music is noise to me,
her hairstyle is not what I wanted,
her fashion sense is.....
and the list goes on...

Yes, she's mine.... but she isn't me! She has her own identity and she is entitled to a certain freedom. As her mom, I should be there only to support, to guide and to help.
I learned that letting go doesn't require strength, it simply needs deeper understanding.
I love her, the same way I undestand her and I must let her go!

" This day I'll marry my friend,
the one I laugh with,
dream with,
live for,
Our friendship we so cherish,
our love we so treasure;
be it forever, a path that knows no end."

These were written in our wedding invitation and these remain to be true until now, 13 years after. Looking forward to a lovelier friendship ahead.


Hello everyone! Hi! February. When Doc Ritz dropped by our house last night, we're both exhausted from the day's work. And we both feel we need to unwind. We talked about our favorite topic - scrapbooking, of course. When she left, I was in scrapping mode already. I get my latest LO in 12x12 acrylic and started doing the other side. In minutes, I'm done (after all, it's a matter of cut and paste only). When I texted Doc Ritz that I'm done, she replied - "Batman strikes again!" Looking at my finished LO, I felt better and refreshed.

By the way, I want to thank Dianne Miraballes. My kids' pic is actually a digital layout made by her. She's really good at this and I admire her. Actually I envy her. I wish I can digiscrap, too. TFL!

Comfort Zone

Clean, simple and "rushed" - well, I guess this is my scrapbooking style. I know I have to try something else, but most of the time I ended up with my comfort zone. My creativity ignites only when time is of the essence.... a typical "Bahala na si Batman"! Just like yesterday, I made my entries for Rekindled Moments (early morning after preparing my kids to school) and the other one for Scrappinkids (after kids' bedtime). These end my January.... 2 LOs for us to keep, 11 as gifts, 20 invitation cards and 1 birthday card.

Title and Journalling: Take note... she's too shy...and it's ironic for Pia, 'coz she's basically confident, assertive and always ready to "show-off"!

For this one, the hardest part is taking pic of the LO due to the acrylic sheet. Thank GOD I have hubby around. Though he's too busy, he made extra effort to help me with this. TFL!

January Output

It has been a very busy month for me - a lot of paperworks and beating the deadlines (businesswise). BUT, Yes, I was able to sneak in to my playroom and do some scrappin'. Yet I was not able to make a single LO as my own. All were given away as a gift. But at least I'm happy and the recipients were happy, too. On Jan 1st I made 0ne 10x12 for my in laws and few days after a 12x12 acrylic for my hubby's bestfriend/kumpare. I wasn't able to take pictures of it. As of this time, here are my finished LOs.... all were simple ones since I'm always running out of time.

8x8 for our business colleagues based in Singapore, 6x6 acrylic for my former officemates/friends' birthdays (all in 1 day), invitation cards for my daughter's 6th birthday and another card for Doc Ritz. I used metallic watercolor here.

"Fruits" of Acacia

These are the "goodies" I got from Jane of Rekindled Moments as prize for the Scrapbytes Challenge (my entry was entitled Acacia). Cors and I picked up the items in San Pablo City (also in Laguna) before visiting our orthodontist. We were so excited because we didn't expect to receive a lot of nice stuff. Jane was so generous indeed. We even have second thought if we'll push through with our appointment with Dr. Juris Tiu or we'll go back home and start scrapping, hahaha! Thanks again.

The Bounties

Scrapbytes - April (from april Lim herself)

Scrapfest -from the ever Supportive Store Owners:

These are the material things I earned from joining Scrappin' Moms Challenges. But these are just the icing on the cake.... what count most are the layouts I made for my family a treasure to keep for all time, friendship that is more than a blessing, the realization that I have that certain skills to do something that other's would recognize, and the wisdom that God has given me to appreciate all these GIFTS.

Thank You so much.

Give credits where it's due

My world of scrapbooking expanded when LB Scrapaholics attended the 1st Scrapfest in May 2006. It was the first time I learned about the "acid-free" thing. Joanne Yap welcomed us with warmth and even invited us to her house with open arms (pls. take note it's our first meeting). From then on, the hobby turned into passion, the stuff keep on piling and my pocket became empty and empty and empty, hehehe! On top of these things, I developed my craft, tried joining other contests and made a lot of friends. And most of all, my numerous layouts which my family will cherish forever.

I wish to express my gratitude to Scrappin' Moms - for appreciating my work and for believing in my capacity to do simple yet somehow impressive layouts. Allow me to present my winning LOs as far as Scrappin' Moms is concerned and some of the prizes I have received. May in one way or another, these serves as an inspiration to others to keep on doing layouts to their heart's delight (without pressure, of course). I joined contests not to win but to test my capabilities and to be able to finish one layout at a time. As I have always been saying, winning is just an added bonus.

Here are my entries to Scrapfest - Siblings (Sept 2006 - Grand Prize) and Bliss (May 2007- 3rd prize)

Scrapbytes - Simply Irresistible (April 2007) and Acacia (Nov 2007) - please take note I have a co-winner to both challenges:

and for the Prizes????? Please wait for my next post.....

Hello 2008

Praise God....2007 has been a great year for us and we look forward to 2008. May God continue to give us strenght, wisdom and serenity. I thank Him for making my family healthy and happy. May we always be worthy of His love. God Bless us all.

Btw, I was able to "scrap" on Jan 1st (after breakfast) ... one simple layout (10x12) for my in-laws but it made my day. Hope this is an indication that I will be able to make more los this year. Happy New Year!!!