Been on a scrappin' mode a couple of days ago and tried this sketch by Kristine Davidson from Creative Scrappers:

And here's my very simple LO with my DS. Every time I ask him to smile and look at the camera, this is what I get.....hm? as if he didn't hear nor understand me. It is his own way of "lambing"! For around two years, I've been used to it, and managed to enjoy taking pictures of him with or without his smile.


This time, I tried my hand on Design Dollies Trifecta:
Here's the sketch:

the Colors:

and for the Elements: Animals

And here is my take: DH really had fun chasing those crabs during low tide at Sandbar Island - Caramoan. But he made sure no one gets hurt during the process!

Taming the Bicycle

Over at Page Maps' blog is an ongoing sketch challenge which is up until the 25th. This is my first time to join their challenge though not my first time to use their sketches.

Here's the sketch as well as my take:

it took me sometime to think of the appropriate title for this LO. Until I came across of the essay written by Mark Twain (1884) with the same title. Though we are of different accounts with regards to bike matters, still I find it perfect for the LO.

Pia is so eager to go biking with us around the campus. She insisted to re-paint the hand-me-down bike she got from her Kuya Soy and we decorated it with "acid free" stickers the scrapbooker way. It's so tempting to add flowers and blings, too! (LOL) DH customized and re-assembled it in accordance to Pia's own preferences. We had few sessions with her teaching her to ride the bike without the aid of the small training wheels attached at the sides of the rear wheel. We actually don't remember that we went through this way with our 2 older kids.

I'm looking forward to a fun filled "bike tour" with the whole family.

Self Portrait

This is my take for Scrap-the-Girls' April 5,4,3,2,1 Challenge:
Use 5 x buttons, 4 x patterned papers, 3 x flowers, 2 x photos, 1 x alpha

My 2 DDs are fond of taking pictures of themselves, making faces, expressing varied emotions. It is mostly done either by using mobile phones or our point and shoot digicam. I'm amazed seeing these pics coz' Pia managed to strike a pose and took pictures of herself using my DSLR which is too big for her little hands and even made sure that she has a plain backdrop.

The fun memories behind the pictures inspired me a lot and it is evident of the colors I used on the layout.



The LB Scrapaholics and Family 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunting was a blast! Each year, our family is getting bigger, the hunting gets merrier, the "bonding" is deeper, and the fun and laughter....... PRICELESS!

Quite sad that we missed Timi and Family this time but we're looking forward for the new member by next Hunting! Tons of photos were taken and some have been uploaded on FB and each others' blogs and highlights can be found at our own LBS blog But what deeply touched my heart were these pics:

We're not just FRIENDS.....WE ARE FAMILY!

Scrappin' Mode

Hi Everyone! I'm still feeling "high" and in the best mood creating simple layouts. My good friend Chix suggested to try the Ad challenge over at Butterfly crafts. Challenges" force" me to go out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Here's the Ad:

And here's my entry entitled SMILE!

Quote: always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile! (author unknown)

Li'l by Little

It's been almost a month since I last sit in my playroom. On February I managed to create 14 LOs in 11 days (thanks to Scrapmuse' Spread the Love Challenge) and on March, I made 2 LOs only, just beating the deadline for Scrap the Girls and Scrapmuse' March Challenges.

Scrap the Girls (Ad inspired Challenge)

Journaling: True Friends - are the people who brighten your smile every time you're with them!

Note: They perfectly have the brightest smiles....coz' I'm the one behind the camera! (Makati Parks and Garden, August 2009 - my birthday!)

Scrapmuse March Challenge (Use the title "Live out Loud")

Journaling: Enjoy LIFE as much and in as many ways as possible:

- smile and laugh often
- do what you want to do
- expect the unexpected
- see value in each experience
- be who you want to be

And here comes April.....The HEAT is on.....it's SUMMER!!! I have finished 3 LOs already. The first one is for a friend who's getting married next week (can't post it yet) and the other 2 is for Design Dollies.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I'll beat my record for February!

Design Dollies (Elements Challenge)
ingredients for this week's Elements challenge must include:

1) a Frame of sorts (My Mind's Eye Transparency Frame)
2) A stamped image (A swirl near the title)
3) The color brown (Matting and border, and the alpha chipboards, too)
4) 3 flowers (no more, no less) - (Basically I used 3 only)
5) Butterflies (I got 2)

And for the Color Challenge ( Use RED, TURQUOISE and BLACK or WHITE)

Can't Get Enough!

Since Day 1 of March until the 20th, DH has been traveling a lot. He brought home tons of pictures to scrap (of course) and boxes of chocolates and cheese from Germany, Cute stuff, electronic gadgets and yummy food from Japan and white coffee, toys and little things from Singapore. But what made me happier than seeing him again (LOL!) is when he gave me a small bag filled with these "stuff"! Got 17 pcs and he actually bought all that he can find in bookstores in Japan and SG! And he got it almost twice cheaper than the regular price. Isn't he sweet and adorable?

Got it!

It took around two weeks only until I got this from the local post office:

My heart was pounding when I opened the box since in the first place I was not expecting to receive "a box". Thought it's going to be just "a pouch" of goodies! I literally kept on "digging" from the box, had my table full of goodies and still can't get it done. Whew! All in all I got 41 packs of prima items from blings to flowers to embies, stamps, and mini book.

And here are the yummy stuff from Prima!

THANK YOU SO MUCH PRIMA! I'm still in search of the right words to express how grateful I am.


That's what happening right now! And here's another one of the week's blessings....this time from PRIMA!

Think positive....visualize... and everything will come to you the way you want it!
Have a great day Everyone!!

Feelin' Good

First week of March is quite hectic - DH left for a week trip to Germany on Day 1 and my hands are full of mommy duties and as OIC in DH's company.

Though I wasn't able to scrap even a single LO for the entire week (I think DH brought my mojo), I stll have some good news to share. And that's as far as scrapbooking is concerned.

Pia (my DD, 8 y.o.) won at Kids Can Scrap for Challenge #18. She submitted 3 LOs and no doubt her name was picked from random drawing! LOL! In fairness, she scraps well. You may view her LOs here.

I also won at Scrapmuse month long Challenge (Spread the Love) and got 2 kits coming my way!

Another one, there's a rumor that my name was picked from random drawing at Prima Live (this I need to verify first)...but on a positive note I'm visualizing it's really ME! Is there any other Liezl there who scraps?

It's Friday.... and I thank GOD for this day! Feel good everyone!

Prima's Secret

Yes! Prima is giving away two more AMAZING prize packages in conjunction with their BIG SECRET!

Head on over to the Prima blog on how you can win!

Dollies' Sketch

I'm loving sketches lately and here's another sketch challenge from Design Dollies:

and here's my take:

Journaling: The question just popped in while we were eating the yummy valentine cupcakes...
"How do you call those "SILVER" things on the cupcake?
DD1 - beads ; DS - pellets DD2 - blings and DH naughtily answered.... bolitas!!!
How about you?


Color Challenge

This one from Design Dollies was a tough one (for me)! We're required to use lavender-gray-white/ivory! Hmmm....this is supposed to be the 1st to be done from the week's challenges but it happened to be the last for me to came up with.

Here's my scrappin' buddies - the LB Scrapaholics! The pic was taken during our first ever Pajama Party held at Ritz's place. It's a "Scrap until you drop" thing. Even our DHs are encouraging us to do it again coz' they know how much fun we had!

Another One for the Dollies

For the Elements Challenge- Design Dollies is asking for a project in honor of the women who have touched our lives in one way or another.
Throughout my entire life, there's a lot of wonderful women who touched and are continuously touching my life leaving HEARTPRINTS.....of love, friendship and enormous joy. And I'm grateful for them. My mom ranks No. 1 of course followed by my daughters (it's a tie)! Whatever I am today, I owe it to her. If my kids would say I'm a good mom, it is because I have the best mom!
I made this LO for her and my daughters.....they are my Beloved Women!
I used Webster's Pages (for the first time) and some ranger distress inks for the base CS. Added Prima flowers and blings!

Notes(Writer Unknown):
She gave me love as well as life, so whatever goodness I may bring to Earth began with the gift of my mother's heart!


Design Dollies

Chix recommended to visit Design Dollies for me to gather more inspirations and to keep me in the mood to scrap. And she was right! The site is indeed fabulous and the challenges are great.

Here's my take to their Sketch challenge:

Love Month

February indeed is a month of LOVE. We had a pre-valentine family dinner by candlelight at the garden of Café Lina where we had so much excitement guessing what to eat next after each serving and of course a fun filled photo op.

Since scrappin’ is one of the things I love, I’m happy to say I have made 7 LOs as of last night and my mojo is still here. I’m more on clean and simple LOs.
Special thanks to Scrapmuse’ “Spread the Love” month long challenges for giving me inspirations and that certain “PUSH” for me to scrap more often.
I will upload my finished LOs here at the end of the month.

Also, Nette of My Little Attic gave us an opportunity to get a FREE class pass to Valerie Salmon’s Got Sketch 105!!!
All we have to do is make a layout based Val’s sketch and winner will be randomly chosen so everybody has an equal chance of winning. 

Here’s the link to Val’s class:

And here’s the sketch and my entry:

ScrapMuse Blog HOP

Hi everyone! There's something exciting happening at Scrapmuse from Feb 15-17. Check it out here

I had fun "hopping" from one blog to another. It's my first time and for sure this wouldn't be the last.
The inspirations are overwhelming and my hands are itching to scrap!

Come and enjoy the journey!

To Do List

New year resolutions shouldn’t start nor end in January, right?
And for the fresh start (It’s Chinese New Year, anyway…though I’m not a Chinese) here goes my list:

1. undergo complete medical check up before March ends (I did it last year!) and was proclaimed “perfectly healthy!” I want to hear those words again!
2. keep riding my bike with DH and kids (next Saturday would be the first for 2010)
3. hone my driving skills (with DH supervision) and drive more often (the car is automatic, no excuses)
4. scrap regularly and achieve at least 4 LOs per month (got 8 in January)!
5. add few more crunches (I’m havin’ 80-100 every morning!)
6. limit my rice intake to 1 cup per meal (sigh!)
7. learn to cook MORE of family favorites! It used to be fried rice omelet and sushi only! LOL!!! Kids are getting demanding each day!
8. make “bonding time” longer on a daily basis!
9. keep on giggling and laughin! (it’s my daily dose!)
10. be happier and make others happy, too!

that's all for now! would update if something come up later!

Fresh Start in February

Hi everyone! Been MIA for the longest time but i know there's always a second chance.

For January I made 8 layouts in 2 days ( Scrap Buffet Jan 30 -31). Thanks to Ritz and the rest of LB Scrapaholics for the never ending support and encouragement.

And to make the ball rolling, I joined the month long challenge ' Spread the Love" at Scrapmuse

Come and join us.... have fun and keep those LOs comin"!