Proud Nanay & Tatay

We neither push nor force our kids to excel in their studies. But we instill in their minds the value of education and the importance of giving their best shot, and maximizing their full potentials. We want them to enjoy school. They study their lessons not on specified time but in their own time, provided they will do whatever need to be done. They can play, surf the net, ym, right after arriving from school (but only for an hour or two) because we believe in the old adage "all work without play, makes you dull"! On Fridays and Saturdays they have unlimited time using the computers, playing with friends, or simply lying in their bed. Comes Sunday afternoon, we are all set for another week of studies and work and a li'l play, too. And look what we've got at the end of schoolyear.... ACADEMIC ACHIEVERS!

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