SK Ultimate Scrapper Challenge

I joined this contest at Scrappinkids together with other LB Scrapaholics with no idea on how the challenges will be conducted. They said, it will run for 3 days (May 2-4). I never thought that there will be more than 1 challenge in every single day. I ranked 5th out of 14 original challengers.

Day 1: Challenge #1: No photos (my weakness), coz I draw my inspiration from the picture, itself.
#2: multi-photo (another weakness) as in 10 photos (in sequence), 12x12 spread
Day 2: #1: mini album - since I made my 1st mini (simply B), I'm a li'l confident this time.
#2: 8 pps, 8 flowers, 8 buttons and the toughest part 8 word title. Whew! my title? LB Scrapaholics: Scrapbooking Beyond Dreams and Passion
#3: scraplifting (i'm not good at this) - my fastest LO ever - 20 mins + 10 mins uploading
#4: Blue/hubby - been carried away doing the LO, and was eliminated being the last to upload.

Honestly, I had fun! I was able to participate inspite of the fact that I'm working on Day 1, and hosting a birthday party for hubby on Day 2. The challenges tested my limits and it brought me out of my comfort zone. Once more, I received that same support from my family and co-LB Scrapaholics. Our motto lives on - one for all and all for one!

Here are my entries: 1 mini album, 6 12x12 in approximately 12 hours of scrapping. (I can't believe I've done it!) I'm also cleaning my mess in between challenges, (LOL!)


Lee i. said...

as usual, the lb scrapaholics didn't disappoint. bilib talaga ako sa samahan ninyo, you nurture each other's creativity. no wonder you come up with such wonderful layouts. love all your LOs. di ko kaya ang 2 challenges a day kasi strictly 1 LO a day lang ako, kung swertehin.

Wati Basri said...

thanks for plaYing along with us at sk forum...u did great!!!