Better Late than Never

LB Scrapaholics always find ways to support Scrappin’ Moms not only because we owe them a lot but because we simply Love them and we Believe in their dreams. For three years of SM Idol, LB girls are always there – competing and having fun! This time, not everyone is available to join the weekly challenges – but it doesn’t mean we’re OFF from it. Cors challenged everyone to come up with a LAYOUT in accordance to the Idol requirements. Timi, Chix and Helga – being our official representatives will make LOs under time pressure (though it seems they’re not pressured after all), while the rest will make LOs in their own time (so unfair?), hehehe!
So for the elimination round –here’s my ad inspired LO. Done two weeks behind the deadline with 2 more challenges to make.
here's the AD:

And here's my LO - inspired with the swirls and circles:

It touches our hearts
Whenever we see you this way…..
Hands together, happy and at peace.
We can feel that with each other, you’ll never go astray
And life will always be
as safe and as secured as it is
when you’re in our loving arms.
(Tatay and Nanay)

I would like to share with you my most favorite LO – very simple, very basic. But I guess you’ll agree that the picture says it all. I made this during Scrapfest 2006 (On the Spot Challenge). I was so lucky to get the grand prize then.

Journaling: BSP find happiness and draw strength from each other. As they grow under one roof, they learn about fairness, kindness and sharing. Together they laugh, cry, play, fight and love. As they hold each other's hands, I can see that life's journey will neither be too long nor too hard coz' they have someone to lean and count on. They have each other.

Comparing my 2 LOs my feelings remain the same over the years. I still have that great faith that my kids will be just fine no matter what path they take and where their journey brings them as long as they have each other and as long as they trust each other.