DH volunteered to take product shots of these “work of art” made by boys with Autism. The Autism Society of the Phils (Los BaƱos Chapter) is within the neighborhood and it’s a pleasant thing to learn about them being productive and creative as well.

They’re pretty excited about the Ad/poster/flyer which will be used in an international bazaar to be held at PICC. Yes, they’re participating and will showcase their products there. I’m really proud of them. I personally don’t know them, but upon seeing their finished projects I am deeply touched and I admire their parents who patiently guide them through life’s challenges.

Be an angel to someone else whenever you can, as a way of thanking God for the help your angel has given you. ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

I'm Tagged (again!)

The Rules:
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What’s up for me now? Well, here are 6 random facts:

1. I’m back to biking (with hubby) on weekends (at least 7kms within UPLB)
2. I’m learning how to drive!!! My hubby is indeed a very patient instructor.
3. I still can’t “scrap” due to heavy workloads, but my creativity is still in good use. (LOL)
4. I’m watching Prison Break Season 4 with hubby every Tuesday at CS9;
and Betty La Fea with my youngest DD every night (hehehe)
5. I have to read Twilight Series (ASAP) otherwise my eldest DD will “kill” me.
6. It’s heaven whenever I hear my DS play his classic guitar!

I'm tagging Cors, Timi, Issa, Chix, Ytet, Helga


From my last post, I was “hibernating” for 40 days. This time I “progressed”(????) for additional hundred days making it to 140 days of hibernation, lurking, etc. One thing though, my heart never stops loving.

Anyway, as what I’ve read from Lee’s blog (a fellow scrapper, and a new found friend)

“if it happened yesterday, it's old news. If it happened, two months ago, it's history.”

I guess, this is enough excuse for me not to go over those months I’ve been missing in action. Just find some time to visit LB Scrapaholics’ blog and it will give you a glimpse of what life has been for me in the past several months.

At least for now I was able to post this message and got a new background for my blog courtesy of

Hey, I still exist!!!