Have a Great Day SUPER MOMS

Nanay, Inay, Mommy, Mama, Ma-der, Ma, Mie, Nay - any which way you are called still it's the sweetest word to hear. I'm fondly called 'NAY and Nanay by my kids. One time my kid asked, bakit ba "nanay"? Sa school kasi ako lang tumatawag ng "nanay"! I replied- it makes you UNIQUE!

I made a layout last week for the SK Challenge - "describe yourself".... which made me ponder for hours. Ang hirap pala! Here's what I made and I would like to dedicate this to all the moms i know. Only one characteristic wouldn't apply to all - SCRAPAHOLIC but it can be replaced as CREATIVE - because i believe all mothers are - from tying shoe laces, putting hair accesories, mixing n matching tops and shorts/pants, and putting kids in bed and preparing food!

a FULL TIME mother with no regular time off, works 24/7 and receives the highest salary - pure love!
with TENDER arms that hush my kids to sleep
with SLENDER body but an EXTRA LARGE heart always ready to forgive and understand
with GENTLE breast, once filled with the best milk in town
MOST AUTOMATED "appliance" in our household ( no need to push the buttons, no batteries required)
STRONG enough to bear all the pain
funny, witty, fabulous, cool... in the eyes of my youngest child -(LOL!)
a LOVING wife to hubby
a certified SCRAPAHOLIC whose ultimate stressbusters are pair of scissors, double adhesives, patterned papers and a good pic and finally,
someone who can take the place of all others for the sake of my family.


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Lee i. said...

love your LO, it's so true. we are all supermoms! i'm sure we can add more to that list kaya lang baka sabihin ng mga asawa natin sumusobra na tayo, hehehe.