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This time by Yvette and Candy. Here it goes...

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1. I love to eat eggs - sunny side up, soft boiled, scrambled
2. I exercise only because I have to, not because I want to.
3. I always have a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and a pack of tissue in my bag
4. I'm basically shy (LOL!)
5. I'm makulit as in super kulet!
6. I don't really "explore" much.

Now, I am tagging Cors, Ritz, Helga, Ytet, Tam and Noy


My family and SIL's family went to La Luz in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas on May 12-13 to unwind and bond with each other. The kids (total of 8, aged 2-14) ) aren't only close with each other but real Bestfriends. We really had fun and picture taking almost take a backseat (very ironic for us) because the MARINE SANCTUARY was really beautiful, enchanting and exciting. I actually don't know exactly how to describe it. The kids identified each fish based on the movie "Finding Nemo". You would hear them saying, "Hey, here's Dory! and there's Gill!" We all had a wonderful "under the sea" experience - a memory to last a lifetime. Though I wasn't able to capture it in photos, it is captured in our hearts. Here are some of the pics we had. TFL!


Kung Super mom man ako, ito ay dahil may SUPER INAY ako. Kung anuman ako ngayon, ito ay dahil sa kanya. Tunay na walang katumbas ang halaga ng isang Ina - at totoo rin na kahit na maging gaano man katanda ang yong mga anak, ikaw pa rin ang nanay na patuloy na mag-aaruga sa kanila. Walang katapusang pagmamahal, pag-aalala maging sa mga apo.

SALAMAT po aking Inay- dahil sa inyo, ako ay naging mabuti ring ina. Di man ako mangalahati sa mga nagawa nyo para sa akin at sa aking pamilya alam ko na alam nyo na MAHAL na MAHAL ko kayo.

God Bless us all!

with my siblings

with her Apo/s

Have a Great Day SUPER MOMS

Nanay, Inay, Mommy, Mama, Ma-der, Ma, Mie, Nay - any which way you are called still it's the sweetest word to hear. I'm fondly called 'NAY and Nanay by my kids. One time my kid asked, bakit ba "nanay"? Sa school kasi ako lang tumatawag ng "nanay"! I replied- it makes you UNIQUE!

I made a layout last week for the SK Challenge - "describe yourself".... which made me ponder for hours. Ang hirap pala! Here's what I made and I would like to dedicate this to all the moms i know. Only one characteristic wouldn't apply to all - SCRAPAHOLIC but it can be replaced as CREATIVE - because i believe all mothers are - from tying shoe laces, putting hair accesories, mixing n matching tops and shorts/pants, and putting kids in bed and preparing food!

a FULL TIME mother with no regular time off, works 24/7 and receives the highest salary - pure love!
with TENDER arms that hush my kids to sleep
with SLENDER body but an EXTRA LARGE heart always ready to forgive and understand
with GENTLE breast, once filled with the best milk in town
MOST AUTOMATED "appliance" in our household ( no need to push the buttons, no batteries required)
STRONG enough to bear all the pain
funny, witty, fabulous, cool... in the eyes of my youngest child -(LOL!)
a LOVING wife to hubby
a certified SCRAPAHOLIC whose ultimate stressbusters are pair of scissors, double adhesives, patterned papers and a good pic and finally,
someone who can take the place of all others for the sake of my family.


SK Ultimate Scrapper Challenge

I joined this contest at Scrappinkids together with other LB Scrapaholics with no idea on how the challenges will be conducted. They said, it will run for 3 days (May 2-4). I never thought that there will be more than 1 challenge in every single day. I ranked 5th out of 14 original challengers.

Day 1: Challenge #1: No photos (my weakness), coz I draw my inspiration from the picture, itself.
#2: multi-photo (another weakness) as in 10 photos (in sequence), 12x12 spread
Day 2: #1: mini album - since I made my 1st mini (simply B), I'm a li'l confident this time.
#2: 8 pps, 8 flowers, 8 buttons and the toughest part 8 word title. Whew! my title? LB Scrapaholics: Scrapbooking Beyond Dreams and Passion
#3: scraplifting (i'm not good at this) - my fastest LO ever - 20 mins + 10 mins uploading
#4: Blue/hubby - been carried away doing the LO, and was eliminated being the last to upload.

Honestly, I had fun! I was able to participate inspite of the fact that I'm working on Day 1, and hosting a birthday party for hubby on Day 2. The challenges tested my limits and it brought me out of my comfort zone. Once more, I received that same support from my family and co-LB Scrapaholics. Our motto lives on - one for all and all for one!

Here are my entries: 1 mini album, 6 12x12 in approximately 12 hours of scrapping. (I can't believe I've done it!) I'm also cleaning my mess in between challenges, (LOL!)

Welcome to My Playroom

Issa Tagged me, and it took a while before I was able to respond. This is literally our playroom- with lots of toys, a place to have fun. You're free to make a mess while "playing" provided you'll clean it up afterwards and be sure to return all things back to its proper places. Eating is strictly prohibited.

Take a peek!

Notice that li'l table? It belongs to my youngest daughter-Pia, 6 yo. She "scraps", when I'm scrappin' (mostly 12x12), she suggests which paper/s to use, what color is more appealing, and even make sketches for me. (Sad to note, I'm not good in following sketches). She basically knows my stuff - where to find it and how to use it properly. At least, I know that when I'm gone my scrapbooks will be in good hands and the legacy lives on. I'll soon post her finished LOs.

This time I'm tagging: RITZ, HELGA and YTET