I'm Tagged (again!)

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What’s up for me now? Well, here are 6 random facts:

1. I’m back to biking (with hubby) on weekends (at least 7kms within UPLB)
2. I’m learning how to drive!!! My hubby is indeed a very patient instructor.
3. I still can’t “scrap” due to heavy workloads, but my creativity is still in good use. (LOL)
4. I’m watching Prison Break Season 4 with hubby every Tuesday at CS9;
and Betty La Fea with my youngest DD every night (hehehe)
5. I have to read Twilight Series (ASAP) otherwise my eldest DD will “kill” me.
6. It’s heaven whenever I hear my DS play his classic guitar!

I'm tagging Cors, Timi, Issa, Chix, Ytet, Helga

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Lee i. said...

Hay...addict din ako sa Prison Break kaya kainis last night, replay na naman. And yes, read Twilight na, and then let's form a discussion group. Hahaha.