The Real Thing

Like the usual story - nagsa Batman na naman po si Inday. I made my LO for the Webster's Page Challenge of Lasting Impression just last night (around 3 hrs before the deadline). Like what Ria have said, pag nakita mo mga entries sa gallery, mag second thought ka talaga if mag upload ka pa ba. Ang gagaling talaga and you just cant imagine how could they have thought using those PP that way! But anyway, sabi ko nga ang main purpose ko is to scrap any pics that I want and preserve the memories behind it. So I uploaded my entry entitled "Play"! Tulad din ng dati- simple walang masyadong technique. And right after uploading, I sat on my scrap table again and revised my LO. This is what I really wanted it to be....entitled "Tampisaw sa Baha....(with consent!) . It was my hubby who gave the title since the time he took the pic (Sept 2006) but which I wasn't able to scrap. I also considered using "Rated PG or Parental Guidance"! Here is my entry:

and here's the real thing:

After Typhoon "Milenyo" we went around UPLB Campus. We felt so bad when we saw the damages - fallen trees (remember Acacia?), flashfloods running vigorously, broken footbridge, etc. But on the lighter side, my kids had fun seeing the running water along the road - it's clear, cold and inviting! and they asked me.... "Nay pwede ba magbangka bangkaan sa baha? Ang simple ng request di ba? Eh praning kasi ako sa dumi o possible disease they could get from there. But how can I resist a request for an opportunity to have fun and which I have enjoyed many times during my childhood days? So pumayag ang Nanay sa isang kondisyon.... Ako muna! If feel ko okay naman at di makati sa balat - GO GO GO! and our slippers go.... nagbangka bangkaan kami at nagsaya sa pag tampisaw sa baha! Another memory to last a lifetime!

Just got Lucky!!!!

Maybe I was just so lucky that day and (last month, too!)....

Feb 16 - It was Issa who sent me an SMS telling "The Wave" won in SBH's AL Challenge. I was so happy. It's my first ever "spread" and I'm really not that confident yet with stamping ( I almost cried when i failed to do some heat embossing). My hubby immediately offered to drop by at MLA before proceeding to the airport because he knew how much I wanted to attend the EB but instead chose to stay with him on that day. I declined to his offer, and settled for texting Issa and Timi to give some more updates. Mahirap na, baka pag nakita ko goodies sa MLA malimutan ko na kasama ko nga pala si DH or worse magpaiwan ako at di na sya maihatid sa airport. hahaha!

On our way home from the airport, Issa called up and said " Congrats ate Liezl" sabi ko "Hello? kanina pa yan ah!"
"Ate, nanalo ka ulit! Saan? Sa Scrapbukan's Noteworthy Challenge! Whaaaat? "My Bestfriend" took the grand prize.

That time di ko na talaga ma explain feelings ko! I wish hubby was beside me! He's always been the first to know! Tapos ayun sunud-sunod na SMS from the rest of LB girls - blowout daw kasi I won P1500 and P2000 worth of goodies + MM package in just one day. Well, sabagay, nabubusog talaga kami sa papel, buttons,flowers, rub-ons, inkpads etc etc. hehehe

Thank you Ms. Marisa of Scrapbooks Hawaii and Ms. Sahrie of Scrapbukan for your generosity, for your unending support to the Pinay Scrappers and for giving us the chance to take part in the challenges.

Small but....

Just finished my cards as entries to MLA Card Challenge using one KI Lace Cardstock only. I never thought it would be that hard! The cards are small so I said it would be easy and won't take much time to do. For several times I sat on my scrap table, started working on it then stand and left it undone. Naku! naluma si Batman! di kinaya ng powers ko. Halos nawalan na ko ng pag-asa na matatapos ko pa. But the interest, the urge and the "challenge' were all there. I admire the MDs (Chix and Ritz) kasi nung pinakita nila sa akin mga entries nila ang gaganda, very intricate ang designs at parang ang dali lang gawin. So I waited for the right time, yung totally relax ako at wala ni katiting na pressure to finish them. And here they are.... small, simple but made with my heart in it.

I used metallic water colors and MM scrapbook shimmer in birthday and thank you cards respectively. For The V-card I just put some blings and add the ATB brads (love) mounted on a metal plate. TFL!

Feel the Love

It's really the month of love as in " I'm head over heels! " I've been scrappin' (one of the things I love most) since day 1 and from my last post I was able to make my entries to some challenges. Joining challenges make me scrap better, give me chance to try something else and at the same time lessen my "backlogs"! I basically scrap only the pictures that has memorable stories behind it. If nothing fits or If I think it will only stress me instead of making me happy and will consume much of my spare time, I automatically drop the idea of joining. I always prefer to scrap at my heart's delight! Here are my entries to scrapbookshawaii's autumn leaves challenge and scrapbukan's noteworthy challenge:

Soy and Pia never had a dull moment. Both of them find joy in all they do no matter how simple or complicated it could be. As I watch them play, giggle and laugh I wish that they continuously enjoy each other's company through the years.

If you love someone...set her free! Easier
said than done, right?
She's my first born, and now at her pre-teen's stage
there's a lot more things to learn for both of us.
her music is noise to me,
her hairstyle is not what I wanted,
her fashion sense is.....
and the list goes on...

Yes, she's mine.... but she isn't me! She has her own identity and she is entitled to a certain freedom. As her mom, I should be there only to support, to guide and to help.
I learned that letting go doesn't require strength, it simply needs deeper understanding.
I love her, the same way I undestand her and I must let her go!

" This day I'll marry my friend,
the one I laugh with,
dream with,
live for,
Our friendship we so cherish,
our love we so treasure;
be it forever, a path that knows no end."

These were written in our wedding invitation and these remain to be true until now, 13 years after. Looking forward to a lovelier friendship ahead.


Hello everyone! Hi! February. When Doc Ritz dropped by our house last night, we're both exhausted from the day's work. And we both feel we need to unwind. We talked about our favorite topic - scrapbooking, of course. When she left, I was in scrapping mode already. I get my latest LO in 12x12 acrylic and started doing the other side. In minutes, I'm done (after all, it's a matter of cut and paste only). When I texted Doc Ritz that I'm done, she replied - "Batman strikes again!" Looking at my finished LO, I felt better and refreshed.

By the way, I want to thank Dianne Miraballes. My kids' pic is actually a digital layout made by her. She's really good at this and I admire her. Actually I envy her. I wish I can digiscrap, too. TFL!

Comfort Zone

Clean, simple and "rushed" - well, I guess this is my scrapbooking style. I know I have to try something else, but most of the time I ended up with my comfort zone. My creativity ignites only when time is of the essence.... a typical "Bahala na si Batman"! Just like yesterday, I made my entries for Rekindled Moments (early morning after preparing my kids to school) and the other one for Scrappinkids (after kids' bedtime). These end my January.... 2 LOs for us to keep, 11 as gifts, 20 invitation cards and 1 birthday card.

Title and Journalling: Take note... she's too shy...and it's ironic for Pia, 'coz she's basically confident, assertive and always ready to "show-off"!

For this one, the hardest part is taking pic of the LO due to the acrylic sheet. Thank GOD I have hubby around. Though he's too busy, he made extra effort to help me with this. TFL!