January Output

It has been a very busy month for me - a lot of paperworks and beating the deadlines (businesswise). BUT, Yes, I was able to sneak in to my playroom and do some scrappin'. Yet I was not able to make a single LO as my own. All were given away as a gift. But at least I'm happy and the recipients were happy, too. On Jan 1st I made 0ne 10x12 for my in laws and few days after a 12x12 acrylic for my hubby's bestfriend/kumpare. I wasn't able to take pictures of it. As of this time, here are my finished LOs.... all were simple ones since I'm always running out of time.

8x8 for our business colleagues based in Singapore, 6x6 acrylic for my former officemates/friends' birthdays (all in 1 day), invitation cards for my daughter's 6th birthday and another card for Doc Ritz. I used metallic watercolor here.

"Fruits" of Acacia

These are the "goodies" I got from Jane of Rekindled Moments as prize for the Scrapbytes Challenge (my entry was entitled Acacia). Cors and I picked up the items in San Pablo City (also in Laguna) before visiting our orthodontist. We were so excited because we didn't expect to receive a lot of nice stuff. Jane was so generous indeed. We even have second thought if we'll push through with our appointment with Dr. Juris Tiu or we'll go back home and start scrapping, hahaha! Thanks again.

The Bounties

Scrapbytes - April (from april Lim herself)

Scrapfest -from the ever Supportive Store Owners:

These are the material things I earned from joining Scrappin' Moms Challenges. But these are just the icing on the cake.... what count most are the layouts I made for my family a treasure to keep for all time, friendship that is more than a blessing, the realization that I have that certain skills to do something that other's would recognize, and the wisdom that God has given me to appreciate all these GIFTS.

Thank You so much.

Give credits where it's due

My world of scrapbooking expanded when LB Scrapaholics attended the 1st Scrapfest in May 2006. It was the first time I learned about the "acid-free" thing. Joanne Yap welcomed us with warmth and even invited us to her house with open arms (pls. take note it's our first meeting). From then on, the hobby turned into passion, the stuff keep on piling and my pocket became empty and empty and empty, hehehe! On top of these things, I developed my craft, tried joining other contests and made a lot of friends. And most of all, my numerous layouts which my family will cherish forever.

I wish to express my gratitude to Scrappin' Moms - for appreciating my work and for believing in my capacity to do simple yet somehow impressive layouts. Allow me to present my winning LOs as far as Scrappin' Moms is concerned and some of the prizes I have received. May in one way or another, these serves as an inspiration to others to keep on doing layouts to their heart's delight (without pressure, of course). I joined contests not to win but to test my capabilities and to be able to finish one layout at a time. As I have always been saying, winning is just an added bonus.

Here are my entries to Scrapfest - Siblings (Sept 2006 - Grand Prize) and Bliss (May 2007- 3rd prize)

Scrapbytes - Simply Irresistible (April 2007) and Acacia (Nov 2007) - please take note I have a co-winner to both challenges:

and for the Prizes????? Please wait for my next post.....

Hello 2008

Praise God....2007 has been a great year for us and we look forward to 2008. May God continue to give us strenght, wisdom and serenity. I thank Him for making my family healthy and happy. May we always be worthy of His love. God Bless us all.

Btw, I was able to "scrap" on Jan 1st (after breakfast) ... one simple layout (10x12) for my in-laws but it made my day. Hope this is an indication that I will be able to make more los this year. Happy New Year!!!