Feel the Love

It's really the month of love as in " I'm head over heels! " I've been scrappin' (one of the things I love most) since day 1 and from my last post I was able to make my entries to some challenges. Joining challenges make me scrap better, give me chance to try something else and at the same time lessen my "backlogs"! I basically scrap only the pictures that has memorable stories behind it. If nothing fits or If I think it will only stress me instead of making me happy and will consume much of my spare time, I automatically drop the idea of joining. I always prefer to scrap at my heart's delight! Here are my entries to scrapbookshawaii's autumn leaves challenge and scrapbukan's noteworthy challenge:

Soy and Pia never had a dull moment. Both of them find joy in all they do no matter how simple or complicated it could be. As I watch them play, giggle and laugh I wish that they continuously enjoy each other's company through the years.

If you love someone...set her free! Easier
said than done, right?
She's my first born, and now at her pre-teen's stage
there's a lot more things to learn for both of us.
her music is noise to me,
her hairstyle is not what I wanted,
her fashion sense is.....
and the list goes on...

Yes, she's mine.... but she isn't me! She has her own identity and she is entitled to a certain freedom. As her mom, I should be there only to support, to guide and to help.
I learned that letting go doesn't require strength, it simply needs deeper understanding.
I love her, the same way I undestand her and I must let her go!

" This day I'll marry my friend,
the one I laugh with,
dream with,
live for,
Our friendship we so cherish,
our love we so treasure;
be it forever, a path that knows no end."

These were written in our wedding invitation and these remain to be true until now, 13 years after. Looking forward to a lovelier friendship ahead.

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