Simply B

A Bagful of B for Bea

the cover was made in black and white materials to emphasize the current trend Bea is fond of as a tweener ("emo" )
pink bag chain - for innocence
multicolor edges - signify her colorful life and wonderful being

1. Best Foot Forward (EK Phrase Cafe)
Wondering what you will be when you grow up is something that every child has pondered at one time or another. My answer is simple: whatever you decide to do, i know that you will do it well. Some professions have more glamour than others and some don't pay a lot of money. But if you take pride in your work and commit to doing it right, you will be respected by your peers and you will be a success.

2. Bundle of Joy
cuddles, kisses, hugs, snuggles and love.... that'swhat baby girls are made of!

3. B is for Best
friend - who's always there to listen
playmate - who's happy to be with
schoolmate - to lean on and make learning a joyful journey
keeper of secrets - whom you can trust with all your heart

4. Bad Traits
which you somehow possess ('coz you aren't perfect anyway)... but need not be mentioned because we your family - acccepts you the way you are!

5. Big sister
that your siblings can look up to!

6. Butterfly
that signifies your transformation from baby to tweener.

7. experience BLISS ; BLOOM where you are planted and BELIEVE in yourself.

8. Bea (Random Facts)

lola's girl
consistent honor student
always in solitude
in search of good hair
seldom talks but texts at high speed

9. Best wishes

I made these wishes:

that your life is always full of the people you love
that your dreams are realized to their full potential
that your heart finds its way to your soulmate
that your eyes see all the things you wish to see
that your feet lead you down the right roads
that your hands make the world a better place
that your arms embrace all the world has to offer
that your mind always continue learning.

(author unknown)

This minibook is lovingly dedicated to my daughter Bea, on her graduation day (Elementary, 29 march 2008).

Special THANKS to Issa for taking good pics of the whole album. I gave this to my daughter few hours before grad rites and ask her to leave it at home. During graduation, Issa managed to take pics and presto, I was able to send it as an entry to Rekindled's Challenge.

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