Late Bloomer

Among the LB Scrapaholics, I'm the late bloomer as far as blogging is concerned. For more than two months, Issa and the rest of the group keep on "nagging" me to give it a try until one day Issa "lose" her patience and personally made this blog for me. But being so preoccupied by other duties, it took almost a month to finally post an article . I apologized for those who paid time to visit my blog and read nothing from me. Wag po sana kayo madadala na muling dumalaw sa blog ko.

Salamat Issa sa walang sawa na "pangungulit at pangungumusta" - "how's your blog?, nag post ka na?" and for spending time to make it a blog worth to be visited by my "kalaro". Now I am proud to call it mine.

My first ever blog!

This is my first time to blog and i want to share my latest layout...