Welcome to My Playroom

Issa Tagged me, and it took a while before I was able to respond. This is literally our playroom- with lots of toys, a place to have fun. You're free to make a mess while "playing" provided you'll clean it up afterwards and be sure to return all things back to its proper places. Eating is strictly prohibited.

Take a peek!

Notice that li'l table? It belongs to my youngest daughter-Pia, 6 yo. She "scraps", when I'm scrappin' (mostly 12x12), she suggests which paper/s to use, what color is more appealing, and even make sketches for me. (Sad to note, I'm not good in following sketches). She basically knows my stuff - where to find it and how to use it properly. At least, I know that when I'm gone my scrapbooks will be in good hands and the legacy lives on. I'll soon post her finished LOs.

This time I'm tagging: RITZ, HELGA and YTET


Lee i. said...

very colorful playroom. i can just imagine all the creativity, fun and laughter that happen here. i have my own scraproom but when i scrap, the ids bring their toys, books or art materials and they do their thing on the floor. i have to be more strict about packing away though. and i can't say strictly no food, kasi bad example si mommy. lagi may junk food or chocolate na katabi pag nag-scrap. hehehe.

jonaks said...

wow, kaiinggit ang playroom mo. so cozy.