2009 – A Better Year…. A better ME….

That’s my goal. I want some changes not only to myself but to everything around me.
I enjoyed the long vacation last December by just being HOME with DH and kids. Since my ‘yayas’ were on vacation I was full time on household and mommy chores and literally off from office workloads.

For 1st half of January, here are some of my “achievements”:

1. dispose old stuff – clothes, bags, toys, household items (not through yet)
2. do several crunches before breakfast (temporarily stop from biking due to weather condition)
3. limit my intake of rice to 1 cup each meal and maintain a balance diet
4. make my “playroom” clutter free!!!!
5. Bedtime at 9pm

I also had my Routinary Check up and Complete Blood Test. My Internist said I’m perfectly healthy as far as PE and blood tests are concerned. My Orthopedic Surgeon said there’s nothing to worry about my foot (Achilles Tendonitis) and true to his word I’m fine in just a week time. Well, my ENT won’t definitely give me a passing grade – my allergic rhinitis is at its peak. I’m going to see my OB-Gyne this weekend for annual pap smear and would ask about mammogram, too.

My health (as well as my kids' and DH's) is on top of my List – I believe that if we are healthy we can do more things together each day of our lives.
Scrapbooking temporarily took a backseat and hopefully my mojo will be back before this month ends.

Happy New Year to all!