The Real Thing

Like the usual story - nagsa Batman na naman po si Inday. I made my LO for the Webster's Page Challenge of Lasting Impression just last night (around 3 hrs before the deadline). Like what Ria have said, pag nakita mo mga entries sa gallery, mag second thought ka talaga if mag upload ka pa ba. Ang gagaling talaga and you just cant imagine how could they have thought using those PP that way! But anyway, sabi ko nga ang main purpose ko is to scrap any pics that I want and preserve the memories behind it. So I uploaded my entry entitled "Play"! Tulad din ng dati- simple walang masyadong technique. And right after uploading, I sat on my scrap table again and revised my LO. This is what I really wanted it to be....entitled "Tampisaw sa Baha....(with consent!) . It was my hubby who gave the title since the time he took the pic (Sept 2006) but which I wasn't able to scrap. I also considered using "Rated PG or Parental Guidance"! Here is my entry:

and here's the real thing:

After Typhoon "Milenyo" we went around UPLB Campus. We felt so bad when we saw the damages - fallen trees (remember Acacia?), flashfloods running vigorously, broken footbridge, etc. But on the lighter side, my kids had fun seeing the running water along the road - it's clear, cold and inviting! and they asked me.... "Nay pwede ba magbangka bangkaan sa baha? Ang simple ng request di ba? Eh praning kasi ako sa dumi o possible disease they could get from there. But how can I resist a request for an opportunity to have fun and which I have enjoyed many times during my childhood days? So pumayag ang Nanay sa isang kondisyon.... Ako muna! If feel ko okay naman at di makati sa balat - GO GO GO! and our slippers go.... nagbangka bangkaan kami at nagsaya sa pag tampisaw sa baha! Another memory to last a lifetime!

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