Soaking Wet!!!

It was a mixture of emotions – fear, disappointment and grief. I was busy last Sunday editing pics of our lanterns for SK when DS on a “panic mode” said “your scrapbook is wet!” The message didn’t sink in at once because there’s no reason for my scrapbook/s to get wet! The sun is up (definitely, there’s no rain) and they are secured in my playroom (drinking/eating is not allowed). I went to our playroom and lo and behold!... it’s not the scrapbook…. but the scraproom! Everything is dripping wet. Words didn’t come out in my mouth but the tears flowed unstoppably. I don’t know which one to touch first, to dry up and to save. I keep on crying as I wipe each pack of PPs, embies, tools. My AMM tote has water in it. My trolley and carry along bag were not spared, too. DD and DS used bath towels in drying up anything they can touch. DH is the one mopping the floor and giving instructions to my kids. I guess, we're all shocked! Where did the water come from? Our garden hose was left hanging by the fence and its nozzle facing the playroom’s windows. Maybe a street kid got thirsty, used the garden hose to drink some water and most likely don’t know how to turn it off. The water pressure was at its peak since the water hose was used in cleaning the car that morning (that explains why in just few minutes the playroom is soaking wet). Whoever could have seen me in that particular moment would be amused as to why this “girl” is crying over those wet stuff! Only a scrapbooker will surely understand!

This Kid Can Scrap!

Yes, she can… and I’m proud of her. She showed interest in this craft when she was barely 4 yo only. In 2007 , she joined her first online challenge (actually it’s for adult scrappers only) at “my scrapworks” (Valerie Salmon’s sketch and scrap challenge). What amazed me is her enthusiasm to scrap. She even encouraged her siblings and her father, too to join the challenge. You can view her entry here:
She’s always in the mood to scrap and she’s the one who never gets tired of “pushing” me to scrap. She’s fondly referred as “honorary member” of LB Scrapaholics coz’ she’s always present in our crop sessions (whether we like it or not!) LOL! She even joined some of online crops and recently an online tutorial at Scrappinkids. She actually had received several RAKs from wonderful scrappers whom she idolized (LB Scrapaholics (of course), Master Iris Uy, Wati and Michelle of Scrappinkids).
Finally, Chix and Issa recommended one site that caters to kid scrappers! And look here....

SK's Online Tutorial

Last Saturday, Pia and I joined the online tutorial over at Scrappinkids! It was Jessy who patiently gave us the instructions. It was a blast, and we had so much fun. It's a worthwhile experience made even better with my DD's presence.
Here's our finished Lanterns!

This is Pia's creation. I did all the cuttings (since she isn't allowed yet to "play" with the craft knife). The next one is mine!

One More Luck, One more RAK!

This time from Scrappinkids. My name was picked (again) by Aniza’s DS as one of the 2 winners for the V-Day Card challenge. The other one is also a Filipina, Mia Castrillo – a member of Scrappin’ Moms. Wati Basri (owner of SK) is the one who will send out the RAK for me, while Aniza will send the RAK to Mia. Thank you Scrappinkids!

Happy Valentine!

Hello! Here's my take to Aniza's Card Challenge (Scrappinkids). The felt flower is handmade. Chix shared me a link to You tube on how to mimick Maya Road's felt flowers. I enjoyed doing it and actually made four pieces in one sitting.

Have a healthy heart, too! TFL!

Valentine Treats

This monogram block has been standing in my playroom for more than 2 years now. Thanks to Wati of Scrappinkids for coming up with a Valentine inspired challenge. I was able to use it, as well as my old stash. The Keepsake bracelet features the whole family. And to make valentine complete, a box of dark chocolate comes with this monogram block!
Happy Valentine!

A is for Arellano, my family whom I Adore.... we are Affectionate and Attached to one another. Bound by Love we will Always be there for each other.


Bite Me!

Yes, please bite me and tell me I’m not dreaming……. I won, ooops , it should be WE WON! WE WON! Yeah, we’re so lucky to be picked as the winner for Twilight Challenge#1. Please see the announcement here:
and look at these lovely buttons courtesy of Manhandled

Aren’t they adorable? My DD just can’t wait for the package to come. Seems I can’t even touch them, huh! She wants all the 25 pcs. My very supportive DH immediately gave his UPS account to ensure that the buttons will reach us safe and fast, (LOL!)
Once again, Thank you to Jessica of for coming up with twilight challenges ( #2 is up now, come on give it a try!) , to Manhandled who sponsored the RAK, to LB Scrapaholics for that extra PUSH, to Lee and Candy for the encouragement and of course, to my DH and kids who never cease to believe in what I can do and always give me reasons to scrap. Love you all!

Twilight Challenge #1

Thanks to Jessica for coming up with this challenge and to Candy for informing us about this. Yes, Candy – the same person who infected Lee and subsequently infected me with the Twilight Fever.
Here are two Los I made on Sunday afternoon. Both are inspired by the colors of the book itself, and I also used some quotes from the book. This is my DD who in some ways resembles Bella.
Just like Bella she’s serious, shy, and intelligent person, with a very dry sense of humor, non- athletic, also stubborn though not as clumsy as she is. She also has a very private mind and not good in lying.

Twilight Obsessed!

Yes, I’m one of them. At first it was DD who requested me to buy the book. I thought it’s simply a fad, because everyone in school has it. When I found out that co-scrapper Lee and Candy (whom I admire and idolize for being good in almost everything) are both hooked in Twilight, I started reading it, too! And as expected, I fell in love, and immediately bought the whole set. I gave it as a birthday gift to my DD and partly a gift to myself, (LOL!) Not only that, DH also bought the movie’s soundtrack and the Complete Illustrated Movie Companion! We also watched the movie (DH,DD and I) and all these things happened in December 2008. Yes, it’s true, scrapbooking took a backseat due to Twilight obsession. But the good news is, twilight also helped in bringing back my mojo! Watch out for it!