To Do List

New year resolutions shouldn’t start nor end in January, right?
And for the fresh start (It’s Chinese New Year, anyway…though I’m not a Chinese) here goes my list:

1. undergo complete medical check up before March ends (I did it last year!) and was proclaimed “perfectly healthy!” I want to hear those words again!
2. keep riding my bike with DH and kids (next Saturday would be the first for 2010)
3. hone my driving skills (with DH supervision) and drive more often (the car is automatic, no excuses)
4. scrap regularly and achieve at least 4 LOs per month (got 8 in January)!
5. add few more crunches (I’m havin’ 80-100 every morning!)
6. limit my rice intake to 1 cup per meal (sigh!)
7. learn to cook MORE of family favorites! It used to be fried rice omelet and sushi only! LOL!!! Kids are getting demanding each day!
8. make “bonding time” longer on a daily basis!
9. keep on giggling and laughin! (it’s my daily dose!)
10. be happier and make others happy, too!

that's all for now! would update if something come up later!

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MommyScraps said...

Hi Liezl! I love your blog!! Just looking for the layout based on the Thursday Feb. 11 Design Dollies sketch so we can get you into the prize pool... Could you link us directly to the layout? Thanks a bunch!!