Meeting Friends Across the Miles

I am lucky to have many good friends from way back to first grade (hey, I was 7, then) until this time. Even luckier that most of them are just a stone throw away from me (plus the fact that my BFF happened to be my DH). Others are reachable via skype, ym, phonecalls and SMS.
Meeting people “online” (hobby or business related) is a different thing. Basically, it’s a sort of “Hi and Hello” especially if they are from other countries. Exchanging ideas and stories, sharing traditions and beliefs and other stuff deepens the acquaintance. You’ll wake up one day and regard them as “friends”!
I am blessed to finally meet in person my friends in Singapore and Malaysia when our family spent our “summer” vacation there.
The first one is Wati. She is lovelier and sweeter than I thought. I was deeply touched when she took time to accompany me and my DDs to shop at Laine’s Scrapbook Store (I felt I was a li’l girl, brought to an extremely huge candy store). The next one is Mich - so elegant , very accommodating and as generous as ever. She spent time visiting us at the hotel with her equally nice kids. We were supposed to shop till we drop, too but my DD was not feeling well, then. Both Ladies, are new found friends from scrapbooking world.
I also had the chance to meet Rashidah and Charlene. They are from Science related companies which we are dealing with for the past several years. When we finally able to put faces in each names… it’s like as if we’ve been together so many times before. Hugging each other came so naturally.
In Malacca, My family also met my DH’s friend back in college – Avi – who spent time driving us around town, had dinner with us (and made sure we’ll have a taste for some of “the best” of Malacca) and still the one who brought us back to the bus station on our departure.
In KL, aside from Mich, we have Sam and his wife Rajani. We had a sumptuous dinner at their lovely home with their kids and other members of the family. Pia had a great time playing with Rowena (their DD).
All these people are busy and occupied with lots of things that need to be done…. yet they took time to see us, chat with us, and have fun with us. And indeed, we’re grateful. Our vacation will never be as wonderful as it was, if not for these people…. whom we call as FRIENDS!

Will post pics soon! Promise!

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Wati Basri said...

it was my pleasure to meet you and your family.... :)