Best Award

Last Sunday is Mothers' Day and yes, I was expecting for a gift from kids and DH. And they didn’t disappoint me. I got scented colored pen, a pair of slippers, tote bag and a lovely wooden clock.
After lunch, they handed me another gift. It’s a small envelope and inside is another wooden thing. It’s small and simple, yet very meaningful.
I’m proud to show this to everyone and I can’t help but smile whenever I look at it (the truth is I laughed hard when I saw it the 1st time).

To Alden, Bea, Soy and Pia – Thank You very much for this award. - for appreciating my efforts, and for making me smile and even laugh everyday! You’re the best “Amo”! hehehe!


Chiqui said...

Kaloka! Hindi lang world's greatest, most beautiful pa! Hehe!

Chowchow said...

Awwww - thats so sweet Liezl.