Valentine Treats

This monogram block has been standing in my playroom for more than 2 years now. Thanks to Wati of Scrappinkids for coming up with a Valentine inspired challenge. I was able to use it, as well as my old stash. The Keepsake bracelet features the whole family. And to make valentine complete, a box of dark chocolate comes with this monogram block!
Happy Valentine!

A is for Arellano, my family whom I Adore.... we are Affectionate and Attached to one another. Bound by Love we will Always be there for each other.



Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Liezel this is so cute. I wonder how you put volume on the alpha? Or is it really thick? You decorated the alpha very well.

Nessa said...

I'm so sorry, Liezel. I did not receive your email. I added the code onto the website. If you still have trouble, please email me again...there is a link on the website that will give you my email address! Thanks for your support of KCS!!

Lee i. said...

wow this get's an A+. sana tuloy tuloy na ang posting ha. :-)