Twilight Obsessed!

Yes, I’m one of them. At first it was DD who requested me to buy the book. I thought it’s simply a fad, because everyone in school has it. When I found out that co-scrapper Lee and Candy (whom I admire and idolize for being good in almost everything) are both hooked in Twilight, I started reading it, too! And as expected, I fell in love, and immediately bought the whole set. I gave it as a birthday gift to my DD and partly a gift to myself, (LOL!) Not only that, DH also bought the movie’s soundtrack and the Complete Illustrated Movie Companion! We also watched the movie (DH,DD and I) and all these things happened in December 2008. Yes, it’s true, scrapbooking took a backseat due to Twilight obsession. But the good news is, twilight also helped in bringing back my mojo! Watch out for it!

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Candy said...

Hurray!!! Liezl is back!!! Wwatch out, world! The original scrapbooking artist is back!---Ako rin nga, admit na rin na Twilight-obsessed!