Been idle, passionless and uninspired for almost a month. I realized that my "magic" is my hubby. I was'nt able to create even a single LO while he was away for 3 weeks (1st time na ganun katagal since we've been married for more than 12 years). Frequent ym and phonecalls didn't suffice. But when he was about to be home, I was able to make my entry to Scrapbytes and on the following morning another entry for ATB challenge. Both were submitted few minutes before the deadline. Few days after, I made the card for CCX 07. Here's the first one:

Hidden Journaling: This Acacia tree can be found at the entrance of UPLB. For centuries, it towers with might and strength. On September 28, 2006 this tree was uprooted due to super typhoon Milenyo that hit our country.

It crushed our hearts to see the acacia devastated and almost lifeless, kissing the ground. Every time we passed by, we pay it a tribute and little by little it started to gain his life back again. Leaves started to grow. My kids were so excited – “Buhay na ulit sya!”

Now a year after, it is mighty and strong again. It tried to renew its life and live the best it can right there from the ground where it was lying down.

The Acacia will always be a significant reminder especially to my children that no matter what life brings you it can be carried well. That as long as there’s life, hope will also be there. As long as you believe, with faith in your heart – miracles will happen.

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