Christmas Countdown

On Dec 18 my kids started opening our christmas presents for them, with hopes that some of the items on their wishlist will be realized. We inculcate in their young minds that not all wishes do come true....some are not given because it's not meant for them and most of the time there's something better than what they wished for. Other times, we intended not to give in to their desires because we believe it's not worth the money and we can find better alternatives for the same price. But there are times, we follow their heart's desire but it is thoroughly discussed and "package" includes some certain rules and/or conditions. If it's a gadget, the do's and dont's + the responsibilities that goes along with it are explained and agreed upon.

They excitedly opened their 1st gift..... only to find out it's not on their wishlist...... but look at the smile on their faces ....

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